Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day 1 - The Glenbrook Trail

Part of the Glenbrook Discovery trail i.e. the Portal and Nepean Lookout was on the agenda for the afternoon.

The drive to Glenbrook was beautiful among trees and a few countryside houses. At the Glenbrook entrance to the Blue Mountains National Park, we had to pay an entry fee of $7 per vehicle. With the park gates closing at 7pm, we didn’t have much time on our hands.

We first headed for the Portal Lookout which overlooks the Cumberland Plain. From this vantage point, we could see the Victoria Bridge, the City of Sydney at a distance and a couple of other points. At the portal lookout, one could also venture into Abseiling.

Below, a two minute video clip of the drive, as we approached Portal lookout.

We were enjoying the quietude of the place right till a dinghy passing through the Nepean River spoilt it for us.

We then proceeded towards the Nepean River lookout. This point was a 600 meter walk from the car park on an unsealed road. The area here wasn’t gated and it was thrilling to be standing on a sheer cliff overlooking the gorge!

The sound of the rustling leaves in the gentle breeze, the birds chirping away joyfully and a great view filled us with a sense of contentment. We had our evening snacks on the rocks by the cliff; one of our dreams come true!

This experience did bring a wonderful close to our travels on Day one. However, the 10km drive from the Nepean lookout to the Glenbrook entrance gate wasn’t the most pleasant since we were racing against time before the gates were locked. Although, we did have a good one hour in our hands, the sun going down made us feel lonely on the unsealed road among the many tall trees.\

Once at the gates, it was time to look for the Active Holidays Big 4 Nepean River Park at Emu Plains. On reaching the park, we found the reception closed. A quick call later, we were told that the keys to our studio room was kept in an envelope with our name on it among the many other envelopes in a Safe which was outside the reception.

Our en-suite room was small but clean. We had our meal in the Studio’s shared kitchen. Since we were the only guests occupying a studio room, we had the well-equipped kitchen all to ourselves. A toaster, microwave, fridge, electric kettle, gas burners, napkins, cutlery, crockery, washing liquid in a kitchen with some furnishings did impress us. We were indeed pretty pleased with our choice of stay!

P.S. In this leg of our trip we also sighted some lovely birds- most of them were lifers for me. The most notable being the Kookaburra and the Bower bird. - Delson
Bower Bird (Female)

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