Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Auburn Botanical Gardens

This is a Japanese style inspired garden spread over nine acres and houses an aviary, a fauna reserve, plenty of flora, a scented garden, a lake, and a reflection pool. We were told that the best time to visit the place was in Autumn when the leaves change their colour and the garden is simply in a riot  of colours.

We were suprised to be greeted by a peacock and a peahen at the entrance, these of course are introduced species to the garden. The aviary housed a couple of species of birds with different kinds of parrots. One of the enclosures also housed an Emu which seemed to be having a delightful conversation with a Raven. There were Ibis and ducks too in plenty.

There were boards put up informing one about the various snakes in the area, but we didn't manage to spot any.

The fauna reserve housed wallabies and kangaroos. It was amusing seeing the way the Kangaroos sat on their tails.

The reflection pool was lined with pine trees, one of them being a progeny of a pine tree from Gallipoli.

Overall, the garden had a good shade cover and was dotted along with benches. It also housed a lake which had big stones resting on the bed on which one could walk to go to the other side.

The colourful rose garden was indeed a treat to the eyes.

We also witnessed the arrival of a groom and his groomsmen on their Harley Davidson for the wedding ceremony that was to be conducted in the Japanese tea house.

The garden had barbeques, toilets, drinking water taps, but no cafe.

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