Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cliff hangers.

Sam Fiszman Park

It was delightful to see this space created on the cliffs, for the public, next to the residential apartments and houses, offering panoramic views of the Ocean and the Bondi beach. This park is created in levels, starting from the top of the cliff and extending nearly to the base of the cliff. Although, this park is small, the beautiful views, especially, that of the waves breaking onto the rocks is rather spectacular!

The wall of the raised circular lawn within this park reads, "I am better than no man and no man is better than me". It is a quote by the late Sam Fiszman who was a migrant to Australia.

Sam Fiszman was a Jew residing in the Nazi occupied Poland. His mother and sister were murdered by the Nazis. With such kind of setbacks, Sam served in the Red Army and was awarded for his services.
Later, he migrated to Australia with his wife and baby and, eventually, became a successful businessman and a prominent figure in Australia. 

Bondi Beach

It was not the sunniest of evenings at Bondi. Once we reached the beach, it started to drizzle.

The beach was crowded with a number of families with little children. Some of the kids were surfing, a couple of others were building castles, a few of them were relaxing on the sand and still others were simply standing in the shallow waters.

While we walked over the grainy sand, taking in the view that surrounded us, a shark alarm was sounded! It was for the first time that we ever heard one! Everyone hurriedly rushed out of the waters while the lifeguards with their powered boats went rushing in. For a little while, we did watch the manner in which the lifeguards conducted their search, scanning the waters for a possible shark sighting or a shark attacked victim, we couldn't tell. Since the rain got heavier and we hadn't carried our rain gear, we didn't wait to know the outcome of the search.


P.S. : This was the first time I drove in Sydney city area. After years of driving on Indian roads, it was a pleasure and delight to be driving in Sydney- Utopia of driving kinds. ( they tell me Melbourne is even better than Sydney- Sigh!) 


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