Tuesday, 7 July 2015

China Town and Paddy Market

We felt our trip to Sydney would be rather incomplete without a visit to China Town.

It was nice walking through a Paifang which is a Chinese styled arch, on a clean street which is accessible only to pedestrians and lined by restaurants on either side. Although, it was crowded, there was an old world kind of charm to the place; walking past eateries with every person trying to woo you to walk into their restaurant.

We finally settled for the New Tai Yuen Restaurant where we were treated to food by Don. It was great knowing that the staff were aware about a gluten free diet. They altered my order accordingly to accommodate my diet request. For the first time, I enjoyed sipping on hot green tea in the cold from tiny little tea cups just before a meal! With the exception of me, although everyone else at the table was quite adept at using chopsticks, my awkwardness prompted one of the staff to suggest that we could all eat with the usual cutlery! Ah! Such a relief! Ever since my visit to this restaurant, I have been meaning to learn how to eat with chopsticks. Hope that day dawns quicker than sooner!

After an enjoyable meal, we stopped for dessert at Yogurberry. Well, this needs special mention because I goofed up here, overfilling my large cup with frozen yogurt, wondering how will I get through all of it when the sweet lady standing behind the counter with an expression that read, “I don’t know what were you thinking!” politely said, “Now that is a loooooooooot of Yoghurt!!!!” (with eyes wide and the head nodding up and down in disbelief)! Well, all I can say is that I am grateful for a husband who can actually consume large portions of food. Having said that, Del you need to know that I still stand by my opinion of reducing the portion size of your food. The trash can is always an option you know!

We then headed into Paddys Market which felt much like the Crawford Market area of Mumbai. There were stalls all over with all kinds of stuff being sold. Del couldn’t resist from purchasing a Didgeridoo, a musical instrument used by the Aborigines. I was successful in containing him from buying more boomerangs and every other weapon that was on display to be sold! Not to forget the Samurai swords that were on sale which drew both Don and Del hoping that they could get their hands on one! Prohibitive prices or Custom issues or common sense, or a combination of all the three, I do not know which of it finally prevailed!

It was wonderful touching the Kangaroo fur and rather amusing to see the kangaroo’s scrotal sacs as part of the keychains on sale! Our two little nieces were excited wanting to see, touch and own everything possible! It was fun listening to the younger one warning the older one against asking us to buy anything for the two of them, gently reminding her about Alvi’s instructions, while at the same time, trying to work a deal with Don, “If you buy this for me, then you do not have to give me pocket money for the rest of the year etc. “

Walking past the stalls with the constant background chatter of such delightful conversation and Don’s admirable patience with the kids added to the fun. After a couple more buys, we decided to call it a day and headed back home.

P.S. Unfortunately, no photographs clicked on our visit to these places.

- Aarina


  1. Well done - You are a sweetie Aarina!!