Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Madame Tussauds Museum, Sydney

At the entrance of the museum, we were greeted by a rather cheerful lady and, as part of the protocol for many of the tourist attractions like the Aquarium, Sydney tower, the train ride at Blue Mountains etc., we were made to pose for a couple of photographs.  These photographs were then photoshopped on certain images of the exhibits within the given attraction and kept for purchase at the Souvenir store at the exit.

Like most other touristy attractions, this one too was accompanied by loud music, the only solace being that it wasn’t crowded. Hence, we were at our own pace when it came to admiring the life size statutes.

There were many interactive exhibits where one could sit on a chair or a sofa opposite the statute, or wear a hat or pose for a cricket shot with a bat and helmet on or use a golf tee and play along with a ball and yes, there was a hole and a golf buggy too!

It was interesting seeing statutes of political figures, pop artists, actors, sports persons, a couple of scientists and doctors, all of them in their life size versions.

Del was thoroughly enjoying himself, lost in posing with every statute that had some kind of prop available to entertain himself. I was feeling rather amused and entertained myself at the kind of joy and delight on Del’s face as he posed alongside the statues! The little child in him was certainly out and at play!

The final section of the museum was very informative with a lot of matter on the making and painting of the statues, the techniques and instruments used for the same etc. Workshops too were being conducted for those interested in preliminary sculpting and painting.

- Aarina

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