Friday, 10 July 2015

Wildlife Sydney Zoo


A train ride to the Circular Quay Station, followed by a ferry ride from the Circular Quay wharf to the Darling Harbour wharf, followed by a pleasant and an interesting walk by the promenade took us to the Sydney Zoo. We enjoyed our ferry ride on the open section of the upper deck of the ferry with the sun beating down and the breeze in equal completion to cool us down. However, fifteen minutes later, the heat from the sun seemed to drain us out and we were forced to move into the sheltered section of the ferry. Our ten minute walk along the darling harbor was exciting; we were impressed seeing the various yachts anchored alongside with advertisements about hosting wedding receptions, corporate events etc. for those whose pockets ran real deep!

At the zoo, with our multiple pass on us, our entry was quick. After being rather enchanted at the Aquarium, we were excited about this visit, but were soon met with great disappointment! There were a number of school students who as part of their school excursion had to learn about the wildlife in the various exhibits, make notes and supposedly, periodically, fill up their worksheets. This process by itself seemed quite a spectacle with children sprawled all over the floor, with some leaning against the walls, a few others walking and learning from the touchscreen device placed besides the various exhibits. All of this, accompanied by a lot of chatter and banter with an intermittent, “Please be softer”, by one of the many teachers, in addition to, the music that was being played rather loudly in the background, once again, the kind of music depended on the wildlife in the given section!

The zoo was not really big with most of the animals looking sad and sluggish. Having said that, the effort put in to maintain such a space with trees and with certain sections having access to the open is truly commendable! There were koalas one could touch and be photographed with, kangaroos could be fed and touched; all of these activities strictly conducted by the staff only.

Talks on the different wildlife present in the zoo are conducted through the day. We may have spent less than an hour trying to get a glimpse of some of the wildlife while learning interesting and amusing facts, one of them being, “A Koala Joey’s first solid meal is their Mother’s poo.”

It was a hurried visit, had we known better, we would have definitely given this place a miss!

- Aarina

P.S. Since Delson is back to work and isn't around to edit the images, for those who are following our blog will notice a drastic difference (unfortunately for the worse) in the images posted because I am truly at an amateur in this art or rather any art! Do pardon my shoddy work!

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